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Storebjørn (2222masl)



Storebjørn is one of Jotunheimen’s most iconic peaks and a popular spring tour. The route can be taken from both Krossbu and Leirdalen/Leirvassbu, but it requires that Sognefjellsvegen (Sognefjell Road) is open, or that Leirdalen is cleared up to Leirvassbu.

Parking: Park at Krossbu tourist lodge or at Leirvassbu/in Leirdalen.

Ascent: From the parking area at Krossbu, head east on the north side of Leirhøe until you reach Leirbrean glacier. From here, set your tracks southeast up the glacier. It’s wise to avoid convex formations as larger crevasses often form here.
Proceed towards Bjørnskardet on the south side of Sokse and onto Bjørnbrean glacier. From here, you’ll see the final stretch to the summit. Take the opportunity to look for contours of crevasses before continuing.

Descent: The return route follows the same path you ascended. At the base of Storebjørn, put your skins back on before Bjørnskardet, and try not to do this in a runout zone.

If you desire a longer tour, you can include additional 2000m peaks on the journey, such as Sokse (2189m above sea level).


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